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We are strongly condemning the act that took place in Uganda last week when someone sacrificed his own brother claiming to be bringing the head to Illuminati, this was a complete lie, in Illuminati we do not carry out any kind of human sacrifice, we have nothing to do with the human blood, we abide with the law, we are human beings, we need human beings and we also dearly love human beings.

Therefore, you wrongly perceive Illuminati!

We absolutely condemn, Homosexuality, We condemn, Lesbianism, We condemn defilement, Human torture and any act which is against and violets humanity we seriously condemn it.


We are a peaceful Organization, we do not want to cause any Sorrow to any one, any Family or any country.

We are in the world to create peace but not to destroy peace.

Among all men and Women who have joined Illuminati through the, there is no one we ever asked to produce blood; we have never asked any of our Members to bring the head of a human being.

Therefore we are sincerely denying all the allegations that we ordered any one to bring for us the head of a human being.

Then lastly, we do not use FACEBOOK, this is only and only our Official Site:

Please if you wish to join Illuminati, please do not Fear do not hesitate, and please do accept to rote in Poverty just because of these false allegations, just talk to us via our official Email Address:

We shall register you into Illuminati and change your life.




I am Smith Joseph, I am a business Man between Dubai and USA, but I just want to use the opportunity to express my Happiness towards this Organization, I am not convincing any one, I am just telling the truth,

But before I speak let me promise, the First Ugandan to join Illuminati before 1 st of June 2016, will get this Modern Soffer Set.

This Soffer set has been sent to Uganda already. So we are just waiting for the Lucky winner.

Remember: We do not carry out any Human sacrifice. You can email us:

The goodness of The Illuminati towards the humanity is talking by its self, and to confirm this goodness, just look around you, look at the streets all over the world, the televisions, kids, Young men and women, even our old once are happily demonstrating their signs of loyalty to thank The Illuminati for their good jobs for all humans, The Illuminati has been a perfect organization for the humanity, we are saying thank you The Illuminati for your goodness, while my loyalty remains untouchable: Millions of people from all walks of life have committed themselves to the Illuminati's global work for the betterment of the human species.

By foregoing all divisions of religious, geographical, or political beliefs, followers of Illuminati strive to form a planet where all people, in all places, can live in Abundance., Well if you want to became a business Man/woman, or you are seeking for wisdom and knowledge. Pastor, politician, musical, doctor, footballer, student, you want fame, riches, power, do you want to be a famous artist or an actor (e t.c) also get sum of 300,000,00 Dollars with a free home of your choose to live in the world and also be getting 700,000,00USD as monthly salary and also be given money to start up a business of your own choice, Contact email: to



While many people are unaware of the power of the Illuminati, that does not diminish the powerful dedication that we have in creating a better world for everyone. While people today are focused on wealth and caring for their own families, We as the illuminati solved that one longtime and we are focusing on courage, skills, honor and intelligence, on a worldwide scale. Our ultimate goal of all Illuminati is to change the world for the better. Here are just a few of the benefits of being an Illuminati.

1. If you are an Illuminati and you have a task that needs to be completed, you can be assured that other illuminati will rise to the occasion and help you to achieve that goal since all the Illuminati members have full capacity. We will use every resource that we have to contribute to the campaign. When work has to be done, you can count of your fellow Illuminati to be there to get your back.

2. When it comes to getting a job accomplished, We understand the power of using their resources conservatively. This means that we simply do not through everything at a project in the hopes for a favorable outcome. We will pace them and preserve those resources in an effort to getting the job completed successfully.

3. The Illuminati is not all about having a positive attitude. We take on challenges head on and in the event we do not reach the goal, they do not let that setback affect how they attack the project. One setback is seen as minor, they simply realize what went wrong and make the appropriate corrections until the job has been performed.

4. As an Illuminati you do not get all wrapped up in all those discussions about being racist. To Illuminati there is no such thing as discrimination due to your sexual beliefs, your skin color, or how famous you are. The Illuminati is focused on achieving a goal and all people are considered equals during those efforts. The time wasted on racist tendencies can only hurt the efforts of the campaign.

5. As an Illuminati you take great pride in the family unit. The utmost importance is placed on helping the family and protecting them at all costs. No Illuminati will ever sell out another member of the family by airing dirty laundry in public. The same can be said for the country. The Illuminati takes great pride in their country and will not put their fellow countrymen in harm way by revealing information that can be deemed hurtful in any way.

6. In illuminati Money, Assets, Properties and Pride are considered as the Immediate priorities to our very new members.

to join us write to:



Had I as many souls as there be stars, I'd give them all for Mephistopheles!"

-Dr. Green Ronald

*Please read the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

What happens when I make a formal

commitment to Satan?

Satan looks out for his own. Satan gives us an inner strength and we become very strong in

spirit. Unlike right hand path religions, where

adherents are forever praying and searching for

their god, Satan comes to us on his own. Many

times, we can feel him. He comes to guide us

when we get down, worried, or are experiencing


He snaps us into line and directs us as to what

we need to do to be focused and happy.

The foundation of Spiritual Satanism is in our

finishing Satan's work upon humanity. This is the

goal of the godhead, and is accomplished through power meditation. Humanity is currently at a very low level spiritually. When we begin to meditate, we experience profound positive changes within our lives.

Satan and his Demons (The Original gods) protect us and look out for us as we transform and achieve personal power. With satan, we have protection that outsiders do not have. We can advance in the powers of the mind and soul as far as we wish. For outsiders, this can prove dangerous. Satan also gives us knowledge. "I lead to the straight path without a book."

As we transform and grow, our lives change for the better and we are much happier. We learn through Satan how to take control of our own lives and destiny instead of being at the mercy of fate. We learn to heal ourselves, and to fulfill our own desires, using the powers of our mind and soul.

In making a commitment, we engage a formal ritual. This is done out of free will. We are making a choice, as opposed to being dragged off to some Christian church, and reciting canned prayers (stolen and corrupted from Eastern

mantras) in front of a bunch of idiots.

With knowledge and research, we can prove

beyond all doubt that the nazarene, "jehova" and

ilk are all fictitious characters, stolen from and

corrupted concepts to remove all spiritual

knowledge so that a "chosen" few can rule the

world using powers of the mind and soul. For further information write to:

Because so many have been forcefully indoctrinated with these characters, and what they stand for (Enemies of Satan), we renounce them permanently in the dedication ritual. This

proves to be psychologically healthy and liberating.

The initiation ritual is very personal, unless you

decide to have friends participate, or are doing it

as part of a group.

You will need:

1 or more black, blue or red candles (as

many as you like)

A sterilized needle or razor

A piece of clean paper, large enough to

write the prayer below

A dry pen, where you sign your name in blood (dip the tip of the pen in your blood)

Write the following prayer:

Before the almighty and ineffable God Satan/Lucifer and in the presence of all Demons of Hell,

who are the True and the Original gods, I, (state your full name) renounce any and all past

allegiances. I renounce the false Judeo/Christian god Jehova, I renounce his vile and worthless son jesus Christ, I renounce his foul, odious, and

rotten holy spirit.

I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God.

I promise to recognize and honor him in all

things, without reservation, desiring in return, his

manifold assistance in the successful completion

of my endeavors.

It is important to bathe before any rituals you

perform, this is done out of respect.

When you are

ready, you can light the candle. Take the needle,

prick the index finger of your left hand, squeeze

some blood out.

Sign your name in blood.

Recite the prayer either aloud or in your head

Fold the paper and let it burn in the fire of the


Many of us have stayed and meditated

until the candle had burned itself out.

At the end of the ritual, close with the words "So

mote it be." And a Big "HAIL SATAN!!"

Frequently asked questions. FAQ's


Can I perform the ritual more than once?


NO! Satanic rituals are real and binding. The ritual

should only be done ONE TIME!


I performed the ritual. I could barely get any blood

on the paper, is the ritual still valid?


YES!! The amount of blood does not matter, this

is only a formality. What is in our hearts and

what our intentions are, are much more important

than the amount of blood in our signature.


Can I reverse the ritual at a later date?


Satanic rituals, unlike the rituals in other religions,

are real and permanent. I received a very small

number of letters from people who were confused

and harassed by Christians. One person

performed a reverse ritual and Satan left him.

Totally. Satan does not push himself on anyone.

Christians are deceived. They believe their "God"

to be "loving" and "forgiving." In truth, this

monster is a spiteful, hateful attacker of human

beings. When one is with Satan, one is always

under his protection. He looks out for us and we

enter a new life where we no longer have the

worries that others endure. Things are not

perfect, but they are always much better. Satan

does not punish people who reject him, he simply

leaves and one is left all alone to endure the

torments of the enemy.

These people wrote to me because after several

months, they were begging for Satan to take them

back. The enemy did absolutely nothing for them.

All were extremely regretful they ever left and very

desperate to come back.


I am under-age and my parents would cause me

serious problems if they ever caught me doing a

Satanic ritual.


If there is absolutely no way you can perform the

ritual without placing yourself in danger, you can

perform it in your astral temple.

You can do the above ritual when you are older.

Performing the dedication on the astral is every

bit as valid as doing it physically. Satan is very

understanding concerning teens who are forced

into accepting Christianity while living at home

and being underage.


I am underage, living in a Christian home and my

parents force me to go to church and participate

in Christian sacraments. Can I still do the

dedication? Will Satan be angry with me?


Yes, you can still perform the ritual. Satan

understands. As long as you are loyal to him in

your heart, he will not be angry with you. Those

of you under 18 are not free. There is no need to

reveal your allegiance to Satan to anyone. What

is in your heart is more important than anything

else. Satan advises us in the Al-Jilwah not to

reveal our religion to outsiders if it will cause us

harm in any way, this is especially important for

teens. Just renounce the Christian "God" in your

mind if you are forced to participate in any of his

garbage. Satan understands it can be downright

dangerous, and in some cases even life-

threatening for teens living in Christian homes to

reveal their allegiance to him.



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